This isn’t the usual type of posts I make but hell it’s my blog so I’ll vent where I want!
So here I am lying on the couch and my girlfriend is pissy at me. Her son is 6 yo and is THE pickiest kid I know. I mean to eat anything it’s got to be all processes crap that’s bound to land you in a grave early. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a quarter pounder every now and then but I’ll take a turkey roll over that any day. So anyway, we’re all at my parents for dinner and we had a nice roast chicken dinner with mash potato (side note: a touch of nutmeg and the mash will blow your mind!) Now here we are at a dinner made lovingly by my mother, and he won’t have a bar of it as he says “I hate chicken” and the only thing he has at home IS chicken! So here I am at the table with my parents, my girlfriend and, the kid making a fuss about not wanting to eat. My parents start telling my girlfriend suggestions to get him to eat REAL food, all I wanted to do at that moment was grab him, sit him on my lap and feed him the food, instead I sit quietly, eat and ignore the situation. My girlfriend getting embarassed by the whole ordeal, I desired to switch the situation and WILLINGLY told my mom to tell her some embarasing stories of myself when I was a kid. (Ed: guys reading this will understand how painful this is to do) So by the end of the night she’s pissed off at me for ganging up on her and I’m embarrased completely. Anywho that’s my rant, so if you actually read this refuse, thanks. If not ehh, fuck it.


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