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New DSiWare up on the store!

Posted in Gaming, Nintendo DS, Video games with tags , , , , on May 5, 2009 by roninx182

Hey guys. Just to let you all know to those who haven’t checked out the DSi store since the 2nd of may, there are 3 new apps for the ds. First one being notably “A little bit of: DR Mario” a nice little game for 500 points (and if you don’t know what dr mario is then I have pitty for your soul). Real Football for the soccer fans out there and it kind of reminds me of sensible soccer for the nes all those years back. And then you’ve got Funny Faces. A 200 point app which is kinda pointless in my eyes. The kinda stuff you’ll use for a few minutes before shit gets old real quick. Well that’s all I got to spleen about to you all on the inter-butts. Adiós everybody!


Holy Happy-snaps Batman

Posted in Portfoilo with tags , , on May 3, 2009 by roninx182

Before you all groan at the title of the post it took me 15 minutes to think up of a snappy (no pun intended) title for this post or else it was going to be something bland, boring and just plain crap.
Anyhow getting back on track. I’ve finally got my pictures from my new (and small at this stage) portfolio. Some are entirely new pieces and some i was able to salvage from the depths of my parents hard drive. Take a gander at them by following the link on the right side of the blog  to the portfolio page.

Happy viewing everyone.

F@#%!ing Connex!

Posted in Venting with tags on May 1, 2009 by roninx182

Fucking connex. If they just ran their trains on time right now I would of had the most awesome job as an I.T. Trainee. I would of been paid to do something I do as a hobby. It’s a pitty really because of them I rocked up 25 minutes late AND got rejected. Fucking bloody connex, wish a proper company rivaled them and maybe then they might do they’re jobs right.